The Teaching-in-English Faculty Training Program ( TiEn program)

Though the university has been building the Teaching-in-English course system for many years in respond to SJTU’s internationalization strategy, specifically international students attracting, many questions are still remaining unsettled: university teachers need to improve their English proficiency and adjust the teaching styles/methodologies to a fully English scenario; both the quantity of Teaching-in-English teachers and the quality of courses fully taught in English cannot satisfy the objectives set by SJTU.

The TiEn Program has an intensive and small scale training model, aims to provide solutions for teaching dilemmas; to take the TiEn fifth semester for example, the 39 courses (approximately 120 training hours)were taught during a single semester, which including 25% of lecture and 75% self-learning and researching under the supervision of the training specialist.

During class:

  • A student-centered teaching model is applied: inquiry-based learning, group-work and presentation, case study combined with practice teaching etc…
  • Course contents: learning styles, teaching styles, active learning together with syllabus design etc…

Extra-curricular activities:

  • Class observations: exposure to authentic courses taught in English
  • Guest speakers: lectures of various topics, according to TiEn participants’ needs
  • Field trips: provides an opportunity for TiEn participants to research into a specific topic , which as a complementary learning activity to TiEn lectures
  • Gatherings for TiEn participants: a big party / event per semester, small gatherings on weekly basis for TiEn team building and interpersonal relationship development