Teaching Consultation Service

CTLD provides individualized teaching consultation service starting from the tenth week of this semester for Jiao Tong university teachers; this may help figure out solutions for dilemmas in teaching practice and ways for teaching enhancement. The application procedure is as following:

  1. Step one: Applicants need to have an email (titled Consultation Appointment) appointment at least a week before the consultation. Applicants shall specify the questions / inquiries and the scheduled time in the email.
  2. Step two: CTLD staff will start to find a teaching specialist in your discipline the moment your application received and provides feedbacks to the you in terms of the teaching specialist’s profile, timing and other arrangements.
  3. Step three: you may accept the consultation arrangement or apply for a new appointment if the arrangement does not satisfy your requirement.
  4. CTLD is committed to provide high quality teaching consultation services by establishing a teaching consultant’s database of teaching specialists, teaching supervisors and senior professors.

Your applications are welcomed!