Lunchtime Seminars

CTLD lunchtime seminars are usually operated during 12:00 to 13:00, on Wednesdays at Room 504, Chen Ruiqiu Hall, unless otherwise notified. The seminars will serve as a forum for discussing and exchanging ideas/experiences and won’t last for any longer than 13: 15, as many of the participants need to back to work that afternoon.  Free lunchboxes and beverages are served.

In theory eye, to initiate a seminar needs a proposal from one of our university teachers whom will also serves as the seminar moderator, anyone interested may submit the email application (containing the information of your name, faculty/school, seminar theme and scheduled time) to or contact 34207648-8005.  There will be no strict restrictions on topics selection as long as they’re relating to teaching and learning. We are looking forward to your participation.